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July 19, 2017

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July 19, 2017

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January 16, 2017


God’s Instruction Manual




Imagine that we are robots and God is our (invisible) creator:


The Bible would be our “instruction manual”, where God’s word is a set of instructions on how we must operate in order to stay operational and to achieve “maximum efficiency”. On the flip side, the robots that do not follow the Creator’s instructions will not only never reach max efficiency, but will continuously break down, ultimately finding themselves shut down with rusty gears and dusty circuit boards.


This strange analogy is not too different from what we humans are currently experiencing.


You see, thousands of years ago, we humans did receive “instructions” from our Creator. Then, centuries later, He became human and revised those “instructions”, while displaying first hand how we must “operate” as humans. Centuries after that, humans took some of the original “instructions” and appended them to the revised ones, creating the “Holy Bible”, or God’s word.


So since God’s word is our “instruction manual” which shows us how we are supposed to live as humans, and since His word never changes (since God never changes), His word is always relevant to human society, no matter how much the world rejects it. Although society’s values change over time, God’s Word never does; this was the main point of Dale’s sermon last Sunday


Take a look at Psalms 19:7-11 to see how King David described God’s law: His perfect law “revives the soul” (verse 7), His sure testimony “makes wise the simple” (verse 7), His right precepts “rejoice the heart” (verse 8), His pure commandment “enlightens the eyes” (verse 8), the fear of Him is clean, enduring forever (verse 9), His rules are true, and righteous altogether (verse 9), and they are to be more desired than gold and are sweeter than honey (verse 10).


David uses some interesting imagery to describe God’s law, mentioning that it rejuvenates the soul, makes you wise, and is more valuable than gold (which would make this law extremely valuable). It’s as if His law is like “fruits and vegetables” for the soul, making it “healthy and strong”, whereas not following His law (which is the definition of sin) is like “junk food” for the soul, making it “sickly and weak, even if it’s “tasty”. This is why His law (word) makes us more “human” and disobeying this law (word) makes us less “human”.


Therefore, when we follow His word, we become more “human”. When we deviate from it (sin), we become less “human”. This matters not when or where you live, since a human was, is, and always will be a human.


This leads me to a very important point: in order for us to live in a human society the way God originally intended, we must follow God’s unchanging word; there’s no other way around it. A society which fails to teach people to follow His word is a society full of degenerate humanity and the spiritually dead. (I know that sounds harsh, yet if sin is defined as “going against God’s law”, and a certain person goes against this law, then that person is sinner, and sinners aren’t being the humans that God intended them to be.)


So how does modern society see the value in God’s word? This is where we as Christians step in: with the help of God’s own Spirit, we must show (and tell) them why His word instructs people on the best way to live as human beings, no matter the culture or time era. We do this by acting as representatives of Christ, and to serve others just as he did (which is fitting, since the word “Christian” means “Christ like”, or at least it used to); examples including loving our enemies, caring for the poor and needy, sharing God’s truth. Then, over time, others will notice and realize God’s holy wisdom, love, and truth, revealing to them that God’s word was just as relevant now as it was thousands of years ago.


So, let us always remember: since God is immutable (unchanging over time), His “instruction manual” must also be immutable.



Earle is a robotics enthusiast, GT Alum, and Riverside member.

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