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July 19, 2017

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July 19, 2017

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2:42 Prayer

August 14, 2015

Hope & a Future.

Today, as I reflected on our time at the doctors office for our regular pregnancy visit.  I couldn't help but think about the frequent analogy of pregnancy and church planting (new venture).  Only this time I thought about it differently.  Of course, the obvious difference is the first hand experience that is now a reality.

Differently, because now I am a new father again with the task of bonding and attachment before me.  It requires more effort and attention to bond as a father.  We are not directly connected to the baby.  We can connect only through the mothers skin.  At times, I feel a bit helpless in this way.

It's in these times that I often find myself praying.  I pray for our child's physical health, spiritual health, and hopes for the future.  I feel and act the same way for the birth of our church.  In the same way that the baby in Andrea's womb is fully formed and yet developing so is our Church.  We have the physical parts that make a church in the purest sense.  We have a lot more formation before us...So I pray.

We have a spiritual past and future that requires healing, new mindsets, and behaviors.  We each bring spiritual parts to make one body.  Yet, there is formation still happening in us as individuals and corporately as a body...So I pray.

Children represent hope and a future.  Often, this is where I feel most helpless.  I can only control so many components.  I can only offer so much advise, teaching, and modeling.  The rest is up to God's soveriegnty and our child's obedience...So I pray.


For the next 7 days, Would you join me in praying for Riverside?  We have a Hope and a Future.  Let's pray it into reality.  I will be sending daily text for one week at 2:42 in reference to our passage in Acts.  Pray.


Finally,  Would you join me on Saturday Aug 22nd @ for a prayer walk?  Details to come Sunday.

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