timothy house

Mentoring and making disciples of young people.  Giving an identity to the nameless from lower economic communities in Northwest Atlanta. 

Riverside Outreach

Riverside Outreach is centered around the Timothy House in Lincoln Homes to cultivate relationships with the community.  Through multiple Adopt programs, Timothy House, and Pure Hope Project, we’re able to minister to under-served families, assist local schools, mentor college students, and empower people to reach their potential as an entrepreneur in the business work.  Our goal is to work with people within the community, community leaders, and other local churches to create a thriving community that trusts in God.  We’re working to ensure that young people have the proper education and skills to enroll college or the job force so they have a viable option to stay off the streets and away from a life of drugs and crime.  As a church, it’s not for us to turn from the injustice and look for someone else to make a change.

Jesus commands us in John 15:12 to “love your neighbor as I first loved you”.        Love -> Justice

Mission Trips

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Pure Hope Project

Summary of Pure Hope

Live the Gospel

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