Thanks for considering support for my work at Riverside Church. For almost two years I've been the Media Director, but that title does not cover the full scope of what I do here. I drive the van on Sundays and Wednesdays to pick up people for church, participate in outreach and other ministries, help in kids church, and other ministry activities. So far I've been part time because of being bi-vocational. I've had to work other jobs to pay my bills, and it takes time away from what I could be doing at Riverside. 

To be completely transparent it's also been very difficult and has really worn me out. I'm also ready to do more and dedicate full time to Riverside Church to grow in ministry expand my media work. Accomplishing my next steps requires support to so I can focus completely on my work at the church and projects we have planned for the future. These include:

Completing a small studio we've been working on to improve our media presence

Expanding our use of media and social media to improve our reach and discipleship opportunities through those platforms

Using the studio to help other churches, ministries, and missionaries to improve the digital media of our district in the

Assemblies of God

Creating videos that will provide content and tutorials to help other ministries learn and improve their digital media

More updates will be on the horizon so be looking forward to the various ways you can stay tuned into what we're doing and how we're growing at Riverside Church!


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